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Boathouse Built by Dean Ellis

This is a graceful little steel-framed boathouse that Dean built on the beach. Posts are 4″-5″ square steel, 8′ on center. The steel purlins are 2½″ steel tubes. The 1″×6″ sheathing is welded to the steel purlins with nails. Photo by @lloyd.kahn

3 Responses to Boathouse Built by Dean Ellis

  1. Peter says:

    Maybe I misunderstand something but, when the time comes to replace the roof sheathing, someone is going to have a fun time unwelding it from the purlins!

  2. Peter says:

    NOW I understand how it works. The rain that penetrates the sheathing through the exposed nail holes, as well as rotting the sheathing, will cause the spot welds to rust out. The rotten sheathing will just fall off the purlins taking the rusted out nails with it. And I thought it was a stupid idea!

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