Brad Kittel's Kickstarter Campaign

Brad Kittel from the Tiny Homes book (pages 44-49 and on the cover) has started a Kickstarter campaign for a book of plans for 30 houses built of 95% salvaged materials free of plastic, vinyl, sheetrock, or latex paints. Check it out.


Nine years ago I began pioneering the 95% Pure Salvage Building techniques that have been perfected over the years in the form of Tiny Texas Houses. They are now built using “Space Magic,” a term I coined for making spaces seem much bigger than they are through illusions of a sort few others in the tiny house industry seem to understand.

I originally committed to build 100 examples and have over 80 completed, putting me far in the lead for having built the most Tiny Houses in the world, but more importantly, the only organic tiny houses using these unique methods I’ve developed. My houses use the Venturi effects to cool themselves, have high efficiency insulation and enable someone to live on or off grid with comfort, or with minimal energy consumption if on the grid. They are free of the toxins that now fill most housing built in the world today.

The book explains how the chemicals from so many of the cheap new building materials cause or contribute to cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, migraines, and many other immune system disorders that I have case after case to prove. Now it is time to create the building plans so others can also build organic sustainable tiny houses too.

The intention is to get them out to all the groups that help people for FREE! — Yes! — to the groups that help the people that need empowerment and housing the most will get it sent to them for free.
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