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Peter Pavlowich’s Casual Turtle Campers were featured in TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE. He’s just built a new teardrop camper model: The Hatchling.

Lloyd, Lew, and folks—

I hope things are good in Bolinas. My wife and I took a drive up thataway back in the summer while she was working in the bay area — what a intriguing community you’ve got there.

I was hoping you’d be willing to share a new model I’ve been working on with your readers. In the event that you will, I’ll send along a little blurb:

Here’s a new model that I’ve been wanting to build for a while. It’s sort of in the size and tradition of a teardrop, but in Casual Turtle Campers style — dead simple, cedar, domed roof, lots of windows, etc. In fact, it’s quite a bit roomier than most teardrops — and by leaving the entire trailer area as living space, the cabin feels damn near palatial! Not really, but it is a nice little space that two people and a couple dogs could be perfectly comfortable in.

As an unsolicited build, I had planned to insulate and finish out the interior myself — but then I thought it might appeal to someone looking for either a dead simple, lightweight little camper, or someone looking for a project. One could add nothing to it and have a very comfortable, capable, simple camper — or features could easily be added to their desires — storage, gear hooks, bed platform, etc. And I’m perfectly happy to discuss building out an interior for someone.

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Here are some of details: It’s built on a very nice, custom 5′×8′, fully boxed trailer frame with 13″ tires from a great manufacturer here in northern Colorado. The cabin’s frame is mostly western Hemlock (1.5″×1.5″), with Western red cedar siding. The bottom of the cabin has a 90-mil PVC membrane covering, and the roofing is a fully adhered, 60-mil, ivory-colored TPO membrane — thermally welded at the seams. It has four opening windows with screens, and two large fixed windows (forward bulkhead and door) for pretty good through-visibility. It weighs 840 lbs., with about 110 lbs. of tongue weight. There are more specifications/details on the website —

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I really like this camper, and I can see using it just as it is — or with a more developed interior. Either way, its a great platform for someone looking to get into a very easily towed, comfortable, unique little camper. At 840 lbs, this model could work with a wide variety of tow vehicles. The forward bulkhead is short enough (66″) to tuck in well behind most crossover and small SUVs. I even towed it around town with our little Subaru Impreza.

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I’ve included a couple photos of the camper with my big ass in it — I’m 6’2″ and 195 lbs, for scale. As a shell version, the walls and roof assembly are left open, showing the OSB roof deck’s bottom side — though it could easily be insulated and closed in. If anyone has any thoughts/ideas/questions please email me at I’d be happy to discuss this camper or something similar/different that you might be interested in. And I’m also happy to discuss full or partial delivery from Fort Collins, CO for a rather nominal mileage-based fee.

Thanks for having a look — and please share it with anyone you think might find it interesting. Any ideas on a name for this new model would be welcome, too!

Price — $6,250

Thanks a lot guys — I’d really appreciate your readers having a look at this new model. I’m probably going to beat up on some of the other giants of this handcraft/tiny home/cool shit world for blog mentions, too — but for some reason I really like when your audience checks it out and leaves comments. Happy holiday season from Fort Collins.

–Peter Pavlowich
Casual Turtle Campers

2 Responses to Casual Turtle's Teardrop Camper

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I love it as is. I had a lot of trouble the last two years with using my tent in wind and rain, and this would be ideal to throw down my sleeping bag as well as carry some of my gear. I’ve been thinking for several years of getting a teardrop camper, and although it really lacks much headroom it has space for kitchen necessities – I’ll have to say I like your teardrop much better though.

  2. Ben says:

    My compliments on how well you did in making the camper. I have had a similar idea but where it could slip in and out of the trailer so trailer could be used for other work around the ranch. And if I could make it big enough for my Harley Davidson motorcycle to fit inside even better. The mind is incredible with ideas but finding people with the same ideas is hard to match. Again, GREAT JOB!!!!!

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