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Tiny Homes (140)

Cob House in Northern Spain


Dear Lloyd & Co,

I’ve been an admirer of your work since I came across the first Shelter book years and years ago. I wanted to send you a link to a self-published book that we’ve just brought out about our natural building & ecological learning project here in Northern Spain.

Our cob cabin was already featured on Lloyd’s Blog

The book’s available here:… It’s in English and Spanish, free to view online or download. If you like it, share it or give it a mention on the blog!
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40 ft. Small Shipping Container Home

When we first met Brenda Kelly from IQ Container Homes, she was living in a brilliantly designed 20 ft. shipping container home. Since then, she has completed her slightly larger shipping container home, which is constructed from a 40 ft. and 20 ft. shipping container that have been joined together.

Immediately, it’s hard to miss many of the similarities between her new home, and the (much tinier) predecessor. Similar details and colour features run throughout the new home, as can be seen in this very modern and well designed kitchen. As Brenda says though, why change a good thing?

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55 Tiny Apartments in New NYC Building

In a city of big dreams and an ever-growing population trying to squeeze into a tight space, New York is hoping the solution to its housing problems is to go small — micro, in fact.

This spring marks the opening of Carmel Place, the city’s first apartment building made up entirely of micro apartments. Ranging in size from 260 to 360 square feet, the units were built to find space for the growing number of single-person households moving to the city.

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Little House on the Prairie

20187dc11524bcc1b7141a3bcaa0d5b5It is a fair bet that when Tom ­Dennis’s great-great-great grand­father took up his pastoral ­selection in Victoria’s Western ­District in 1840 he ­initially lived in a tiny hand-built house.

There’s no sign of it now: the former 4000 ha [15.5 square miles] Tarndwarncoort estate where the famed Polwarth sheep was bred, and where the Dennis family still lives, near ­Birregurra, has at its heart a magnificent bluestone mansion dating back to Cornish ancestor Alexander’s later years…

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Model of Tiny Home


We’ll be selling our books at The Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., in May, and we decided to build a model tiny home for display. Our friend Tom agreed to make the model. It turned out that he got into it and spent over a month (not full time) on the project. He said he could have built the full-size building in the same amount of time. It’s put together with glue. Window shutters and doors open on hinges.

The full size building is 10′ × 16′, scale here is 1 inch = 1 foot, so this is 10″ wide, 16″ long. Single wall construction (no studs).


Siding: redwood; bats: oak
Shakes: cedar
Ridge beam and shutters: redwood
Door: walnut
Door and window trim: oak

It’s a little beauty.

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Inspired by Shelter in 1973


Hi, Lloyd,

On first looking into your Shelter book in 1973, my fate was sealed. Since then, I have made my own ceramic tile, been a tile setter for 35 years, and am a serial remodeler and builder of tiny houses. Pictured here with my original Shelter book. I recently came upon your Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, and have been inspired anew. Rage on!

–Fred Ross
San Anselmo, CA

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Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Check out this adorable tiny home from Timbercraft Tiny Homes!

This home on wheels is just 150 square feet. It’s got high ceilings, plenty of storage, and a cute front porch. I particularly love the shelving in the bathroom and all the light that gets into this space.

The company that makes this home is based out of Guntersville, Alabama (near Huntsville).

Price of the home varies depending on any particular custom touches, but the company’s website lists their homes as ranging from $35,000 to $55,000+.

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Tiny Homes Q&A with Deek Diedrickson


Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is a self-proclaimed lover of all things tiny home. The Massachusetts-based builder is the author of numerous tiny home books; organizer of tiny home building and design workshops around the country; and has been featured on more than one HGTV series and the DIY Network. His latest book, Microshelters, features 59 of the country’s most creative small structures — cabins, tree houses, stilted shelters, backyard huts, and tiny homes on wheels…


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Deek's Brockton, MA Hands‑On Tiny House Building Workshop 2016

Brockton ma tiny house workshop flyer-1Deek’s Brockton, MA Hands‑On Tiny House Building Workshop 2016! Our workshops are fully hands-on, taught by a duo who have hosted and designed for HGTV and The DIY Network, have been featured in the New York Times, and are so fun and eclectic, that we have many people who have attended these workshops two, three, and even four times!

FEBRUARY 5-6-7, 2016, Brockton, MA (25 min. from Boston)

Well, its pretty thrilling that a museum that I hold in high esteem, and one that is gorgeous, has asked us to host a Hands‑On Tiny House Building Workshop! Naturally we said yes! This time around, we have more space than we know what to do with, all indoors (don’t worry, you won’t freeze to death!), and we’ll be tackling two, if not three, tiny cabin and shelter projects — all roping in the know-how you need to build a tiny house, shed, tree house, cabin, or funkified fort!

More info at…

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