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Falling in Love with an Airstream Trailer


I fall in love with buildings from time to time. It happened again last week when I spotted this little Airstream. Everything looked right. Bambis are single-axle, lightweight (3,000 lbs.), superbly designed tiny homes. New ones start at $44,000. (Ouch, yes, but how much do homes cost these days?)

It’s brilliant inside. There’s kitchen, bath, 2 beds, table with benches. Spacious-feeling even though it’s less than 8′ wide, around 110 sq. ft. interior space. The interior of this one was designed by architect Christopher Deam in conjunction with Airstream. (There are wonderful architects in this world.)

One use for an Airstream would be for people who intend to build on a piece of land. You could live there comfortably for a year in it while watching which way the wind blows and where the sun rises, and the changing seasons — all relevant in designing a home.

For any number of situations, this is a fine little home.

Floor plan:…

PA010936-lo-res PA010932-lo-res

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