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Justin Cutter's Mobile Greenhouse Truck

justin cutter truck

I was skating on the street one day and passed this striking greenhouse truck (for lack of a common descriptive phrase). It’s one of those things that you just GET when you see it. I stopped and talked to Justin Cutter, fellow skateboarder as well as gardener. This isn’t only one of the things you get when you see it, it’s one of those things you instantly LIKE. What a great idea! He takes it around to schools and teaches kids gardening.

justin cutterJustin Cutter has had a diverse array of life experiences that have added to his knowledge and skill base. From three years as a monk in India to living and working on a schooner in Hawaii, to working as Co-director of Programs in Japan for the David Lynch Foundation, he has always pursued work for the betterment of humankind and the environment. Working closely with John Jeavons (founder of GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable agriculture) in 2009 and 2010, Justin helped found the Green Belt Team for teaching Biointensive sustainable farming in developing nations, and set up the mini-farm site for their internship on California’s Mendocino Coast.

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