Kurt Buetow's Rolling Hangout and Yurt

These came in the mail from Kurt Buetow just as we were finishing Tiny Homes on the Move, and I just dug them out.


Hi Lloyd,

As you know, I’m into these hanging chairs. In the forty years since I won the International Canvas Furniture Design competition in Tokyo, I’ve spent time in the woods and find it pleasing to select technology I can kind of deal with, like a hay wagon and bent wood and a ’70s-era electric tractor I charge with PVs.

I like the idea of shelter, but no more than you need. Feet on the ground, the side bows on this umbrella fold up so it becomes only nine feet wide. Nice place to enjoy the rain, there’s a hammock, and a cot, tables, and storage. Maybe somewhere else tomorrow.


Kurt2Mode of Transport

This is how I move the rolling hang-out (’70s General Electric). The solar panels are mounted on a steel-wheeled McCormick Deering hay wagon running gear from the ’20s. In summer I tilt them east and west through the day.

This is a current project; the crescent wings fold down to make a 9′ diameter floor for a yurt.
Bed, storage boxes, rocket stove heater, clear door, sticks, ring and cover, all inside.

Kurt3When the sun is out I’ve gotten 40 degrees warmer inside than out. Clearstory lid is steep enough not to cover with snow. Film on door is secured with grape vine trim. Door frame is hinged at the bottom to lean forward for packing.

Kurt5Nice place to recline, cool down from a good ski, and watch the subtle hues of dusk approach.

–Kurt Buetow


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