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Life in the World's Most Traveled Tiny House

Tiny House Expedition is the world’s most traveled tiny house. This intrepid family has traveled over 40,000 miles (64,000km) in their 20′ (6m) tiny house on wheels and is still going, as they venture all over North America filming their documentary series Living Tiny Legally.

One of the most incredible things about a tiny house on wheels is the trailer that it sits on. What separates these homes from others is that they are completely mobile and have the ability to travel wherever you go. Most tiny homes don’t take full advantage of that fact and many will only move a handful of times in their life. The Tiny House Expedition tiny house on the other hand is built for travel and spends the majority of it’s life on the move, being towed all over North America with a U-Haul truck.

Life on the road for the family of three doesn’t mean compromise, as this home is fully featured and has absolutely everything they need to be comfortable, including a lounge area (also filled with storage), two sleeping lofts, a dining/office table, a bathroom, kitchen and even enough shoe storage for a centipede!

Despite being so fully loaded, the tiny house is light, open and doesn’t feel at all cramped. It’s packed full of incredibly clever space-saving features, such as the ingenious pull-out stairs to access the sleeping loft and the plethora of hidden storage solutions found throughout the home on wheels.

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