Little Cabin up the Lake

Located on Powell Lake, BC

… Our cabin is small (20′ × 21′), but complete. The downstairs has two bedrooms, one of which we use for storage and a bathtub. The main downstairs is a great room design including kitchen, dining, and living areas. The large upstairs loft is our bedroom. It’s plenty of space, especially since we have the whole outdoors at our doorstep. The main float is 40′ × 40′ and we have additional floats for a variety of purposes: a dock, a floating woodshed and my floating vegetable garden…

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  1. Margy says:

    Somehow I missed this reprint. Thanks for sharing our float cabin home again. We were so honoured to be included in Tiny Homes:Simple Shelter. Since this was written we have added a small bathroom with a composting toilet rather than climbing four flights of stairs up the cliff to an outhouse. We live here in all seasons still, and love it more each day. – Margy

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