One-of-a-Kind SunRay Kelley Custom Gypsy Wagon


Here’s your chance to own a one-of-a-kind SunRay Kelley custom Gypsy Wagon! The canted walls and curved ceilings make this cedar-sided caravan feel very roomy.

The large sky light provides lots of natural lighting and opens for good cooling and ventilation. Built on a 20′ trailer base this tiny home sleeps four easily, plus one bunk that can be used alternately for either storage or to sleep an extra. A pop-out feature can be either a couch, day bed or double bed.

The kitchen includes propane oven and stove, electric refrigerator, and stainless steel sink with water hookups. The wood-fired stove is not only beautiful it really heats the place up and is connected to a hot water heat exchanger and storage tank for the shower and sinks. The stainless steel hot water tank also keeps the place warm all night, even after the fire goes out.

Please call SunRay at 360-854-7986 or email to come and see this little darling or to discuss a custom conversion of your own. Currently for sale $28,000.

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