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Small Homes Book Rolling


Workwise, I’m having more fun than in a coon’s age.

This book — Small Homes — was in limbo for the 30 days we were in Scotland. Add to that the several weeks it took to get re-grounded at home, and there was a long lull in production (layout, that is).

WELL! The book is now rolling at a grand pace. This lovely little home just came in a few days ago. French carpenter Menthé (partner of French carpenter Yogan) wrote, rather poetically:

I grew up in the forest of Corréze; it’s really wild and green. I started building cabins when I was 3 years old, playing in the forest. I started this little one when I was 17 in 2000 — I wanted my independence. It took me 3 years, and I lived there for 2 years.

The frame is made of chestnut from the forest, and all the windows are industrial window seconds. The roof is insulated with lime and wood chips — a really strong mixture once it’s dry and insects can’t get in. The walls are made of straw and lime; it’s a really cheap material, important when you’re young without money. I built the entrance door with chestnut and walnut — my first work of joinerie, and it’s still working good.

This is gonna be such a good book!

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