Tiny House Village in Eugene, Oregon

Tiny red house

In Eugene, the Whoville tent camp has returned, this time to city-owned land next to a downtown street.

Eugene urban planner Andrew Heben has an alternative idea to tents: tiny houses.

The author of Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages (The Village Collaborative, $18) co-founded the nonprofit organization Opportunity Village Eugene, which last year created a community where people live in 30 tiny houses.

There is no electricity or plumbing, but the front doors can be locked for privacy and the modular, simple structures keep the rain, wind and chill away. A tenant can personalize the 80-square-feet space. Many have sleeping lofts over the kitchen/desk area. A few have painted the plywood walls.

Residents share a communal kitchen, bathrooms, showers and gathering space.Š


5 Responses to Tiny House Village in Eugene, Oregon

  1. Shell says:

    Very cool. I send positive thoughts that more places like this pop up all over:)

  2. Oregon is known for its cold harsh winters. What are the tenents doing to stay warm or use for light? The article said ‘no electricity’ connected.

  3. This is really the most sane solution to the lack of affordable housing. So relieved to see others doing what seems the most natural way to change the current homeless situation. It’s time to make space for everyone. We have a plan to build a somewhat similar model in Alaska with our Gertees and other tinyhomes made from scraps and scavenged materials, because it’s true, not all sustainable development has to be for the rich or ostentatious.

    There’s ample cheap alternative ways to get electric to all these tiny homes…. young girls in Africa have shown how they run generators from their own urine. Lots of way to heat a small cluster of tinyhomes too, and while the new land and building regulations seem to favor high end contractors and place excessive burdens on the middle class with mandatory green retrofits, naturally made poor man’s tiny housing actually fits perfectly within the new parameters for sustainability, renewable energy, Climate Change Reduction and reducing carbon emissions. Loads of luck and good wishes to the residents of this tiny “eco” village, you’re on the cutting edge of the best Catch 22 ever!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I live in Salem or. I’m trying to locate a blog that will help me learn more about tiny houses and rules and finance

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