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Top 5 Best Tiny House Books


We don’t mean to brag, but according to, Shelter Publications has two of the top 5 best tiny house books:

The Tiny House Movement is growing rapidly in the United States. There are a lot of cultures around the world who have already discovered the greater simplicity, freedom and happiness that comes from minimizing your “stuff” load and living in a small home. In the U.S., though, the trend for years has been toward McMansions and the “more is more” philosophy: more space, more stuff, more debt, more hours at work, the list can go on and on. The Tiny House Movement provides an outlet and an alternative for people looking to have more creative control over their living spaces and, in turn, their lives. These five books are a good starting place if you are interested in tiny homes and want to learn more, are looking for some inspiration and ideas, or if you are an experienced tiny house dweller or builder.

Tiny Homes coverTiny Homes: Simple Shelter is another classic title by Lloyd Kahn, focusing on 150 individual homes that were built by their owners as an alternative to rents, mortgages and overpriced homes. This book is very heavy on photos, with over 1,300 full color pictures of homes on land, on wheels, on water, and in trees. It also features other kinds of small buildings such as studios, saunas, garden sheds and greenhouses. Along with the photos are stories, thoughts and inspirations shared by the builders and homeowners.

Tiny Homes on the Move coverTiny Homes on the Move takes a good look at all of the different styles of tiny houses that are mobile and invite their owners to travel. It includes vans, camper shells, house trucks, buses, trailers, cycles, sailboats and houseboats. These kinds of tiny homes tend to be more practical and accessible than some of the highly designed, architectural models that are the focus of many tiny house books. Homes on wheels or in the water represent freedom, movement, and a lifestyle full of travel and adventure. These homes tend to be much smaller, with many as small as 100 sq feet or less. The extreme small size forces an even more stringent approach to minimalism and functional space saving design. This book is heavy on photographs and is great for inspiration and wanderlust!

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