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Victorian Home in Napa

old Victorian house in Napa

Now here’s some carpentry!

2 Responses to Victorian Home in Napa

  1. Anonymous says:

    hideously way to big,,,,

  2. Terry says:

    Appropriate for its day, Anonymous. The average home of the 1920s had 9 rooms because most work was done on-site by self-sufficient owners. It was more efficient and resilient than today’s tiny home in that respect. There was a sewing room, cold cellar, laundry room, workroom, pantry, airing cupboards, and furnace room — things we no longer need now, but could if we want to build local economies. The sick were nursed on a daybed in the kitchen because it was the warmest place in the house. Even wakes were conducted at home in the front parlour and immortalized with family photos. Illinois still allows home burial plots for a $5 fee. Think of the money home owners saved three generations ago by producing stuff at home and not having to travel.

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