Yogan and Menthé's Pacific Northwest Trip (Part 1)

imageOur French carpenter friends Yogan and Menthé spent several months last summer, hitchhiking up and down the Northwest Pacific Coast and trading their carpentry skill for room and board.

When they left, they visited us here and we downloaded about 1,000 of their photos. They’d had a great trip.

They wrote: “The U.S.A. is incredible, so much imagination. It was a perfect trip for me. Thank you Lloyd, I wanted to meet the amazing builders of the pacific coast. Your book Builders of the Pacific Coast was my motivation for my trip to the West Coast.”

I picked out a few photos and Yogan has written these captions. We’ll post them one at a time.

The Leviathan Studio on Lasqueti Island. Mark is a contemporary dancer who built this studio by himself. He used trees from his 12½-acre property. The south side was made with used windows; the floor is yellow cedar. The roof is green: he used EPDM roofing. It’s built it for dance workshops during the warm season. The architecture is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.

3 Responses to Yogan and Menthé's Pacific Northwest Trip (Part 1)

  1. “The U.S.A. is incredible, so much imagination…”

    I agree. However, the picture of the amazing Leviathan Studio on Lasqueti Island is a poor example of this, because it is not in the U.S.A. It is in British Columbia, Canada!

    Lasqueti Island is an unusual and, in some ways, an admirable place. The island is off-grid and many of the inhabitants, being suspicious of the operations of government at all levels, are determined to keep it this way. Despite this, it is by no means a primitive place because, like the Amish, they do not reject modern technology as such, but accept it on their own terms, not the terms of government or the corporate giants. Strangely enough, one of the major “industries” on the island is the breeding of St.Bernard dogs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is going to be a treat! Bring em on!

  3. YOG says:

    west coast of america
    is amazing

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