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Deek Diedrickson's "Tiny House Builders" on DIY TV Saturday, December 20 Noon EST

Check out our good pal Deek “Whirlwind” Diedrickson’s latest video:

Tiny house diy

8 Responses to Deek Diedrickson's "Tiny House Builders" on DIY TV Saturday, December 20 Noon EST

  1. Rodgerb says:

    Saw the show, not a fair representation of the TH movement, more in line with Deek’s Relax Shacks. However, HGTV did a much better job on the Mon – Fri shows, which reflected a range of TH buyers, and the challenges we face in downsizing. Would love to see additional shows, depicting the ongoing challenges of gaining building code approvals, etc.
    Thanks, Rodger

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t fully agree with you. Sure there is much more to the TH movement than what Deek does, but his style and creativity is an important part of it too. I enjoyed seeing his creation and ideas. I agree that what was built was more in line with Deek’s Relax Shacks, but what is wrong with that? Perhaps I would not call it a tiny “house” but as weekend wilderness retreat that perfectly fit the needs of the family, it hit the mark. Sure it could have been bigger, had insulation and been more of a “house” but that is not what the family needed.
      No show that I have seen can fully represent ALL aspects of a movement like the TH movement. If they went more into the building code approvals, other people would complain about that focus. You can not make everyone happy. Heck, look at the Shelter books themselves, no single one of them covers all aspects of the TH movement, and one could argue that even as a whole they don’t.

      • 2BBLR says:

        Evan, appears that you and I agree; I will seek to gain a better understanding of specific building codes restrict TH development in Florida, then attempt to negotiate changes. A fellow Charlotte NC Tumbleweed Workshop attendee is already speaking with building officials and attorneys, in the greater Charlotte community. By sharing our results, hopefully we can accelerate our understanding and reduce the restrictions, over the next few years.

  2. Evan Kahn says:

    Well said, I too would like to see a bit more of the struggle of getting a legal tiny home built with all of the building codes which are in place.

  3. Wilbour says:

    thanks for the lik to a nice photo.I thought it would play the video :(

  4. Callene Corkan says:

    I myself would like toknow when the show will be on again.Caught the one about the weekend retreat at the horse farm,but have seen no more listings.Please tellme when the show airs.
    Thank You

  5. Jessie Dimas says:

    Do you want to build a tiny house in Albuquerque NM? I need to live near my elderly mother to take care of her but also need my own place to retreat to.
    How do I get in touch with Deek?

  6. Dave Jones says:

    I can’t seem to find anyone here in the Seattle area who does this…how much do you think it would cost to get Deek and his team out here?? If you know how to get in touch with him…my email is

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