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Firewood in Austria

Hey Lloyd,

Here is a little byproduct of a hike I took across Austria this summer. Thought it might suit your eclectic and encyclopedic mind. Enjoy.

All the best,
–Robert Van Vranken
Peacham, Vermont

3 Responses to Firewood in Austria

  1. MJ says:

    That was as visually lovely as the music.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I now feel better about all the time I spend stacking wood

  3. Few observations
    It’s not all firewood.
    It snows there, a lot!
    People are generally very tidy.
    Winters are long.
    Many people still heat and cook with wood.
    Looks like it was a pleasant walking trip.

    And, as someone who spent nearly 11 years homesteading in northern Canada, I do appreciate the amount of work those stacks/piles represent.

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