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Island Earth GMO Documentary

Right now the islands of Hawaii are in a food fight of global consequence. Although Hawaii has a rich history as a self-sufficient agricultural society, Hawaiians now import 90% of their food. Hawaii is also ground zero for the world’s biotech companies, which capitalize on the tropical climate and lax environmental laws to test experimental GMO crops year-round.

Island Earth is a feature documentary depicting the struggles and triumphs of people fighting to take back their natural resources from corporations, while exploring what it will really take to “feed the world” through thought-provoking interviews with the world’s top biologists and farmers. By exposing the myth that industrial agriculture is the only way of producing food for our growing population, Island Earth shows how to take control of our food supply through local farming and native wisdoms…

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  1. Selwyn Gossett says:

    Earlier, Lloyd posted some penetrating questions about this whole issue that one posed to the companies and some officials in Hawaii.
    I’d like to find that set of questions because it exposes what is more a power struggle by companies to control food. Any benefits they tout are byproducts, used for the propaganda value. These companies bring with their engineered seeds the need for more water use, stronger poisons and ramped up fertilizer use, along with big machinery, which they also own and will profit from.
    The truth is that, along with solar, people can produce much of what they need, if they get out of the more, more, more consumer mindset.
    The battle being waged against active small producers isn’t merely to protect and expand markets, it’s a more fundamental battle to keep people passive consumers, isolated and afraid.

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