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Just Right Small Kauai Cottages


I’ve shot a whole bunch of these simple little frame structures on Kauai, usually with tin roofs and overhangs, usually resting on foundations of pre-cast concrete pads. I’ll get around to posting a bunch more later. They make sense in terms of simplicity, economy, ease of construction, and local climate.

2 Responses to Just Right Small Kauai Cottages

  1. I spent some time in a little hut like this near Poipu Beach when I was staying at the resort in 77. They were worker’s homes and bedrooms on a plantation, pineapples I think? My friend was Portuguese/Hawaiian and his dream was to get away to the mainland, study art, and live like the rest of the country lol. There was a lot of prejudice back then, workers from the village who worked at the resort were not allowed to fraternize with the guests. I was 19 years old and so was my friend Doug Rapozo, so neither of us cared about those rules. I love it how within the tiny house movement, worker’s shacks like these, which are super cute and comfortable in my memory, are elevated to a trendy place in American culture. I can’t imagine any of the people from these neighborhoods feeling all that trendy about them, but I’ll bet they’d happily sell them to people who do!

  2. Don says:

    Those ‘plantation style’ cottages look cute, but they’re single wall construction with no insulation, which causes them to be extra hot during the day, and extra cold at night (particularly in the winter).
    I know this because I rented one on the Big Island a few years ago, and found it very uncomfortable.
    Basically, it’s like living in a large wooden tent.
    They’re very photogenic, though.

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