Mendocino County Architecture


Here’s the local influence for Sea Ranch home design. Perfect. Farmer architecture.

Too bad most of the houses (over 600 of them) out there turned out to be such clunkers. Why do so few architects ever get it right?

The best thing about Sea Ranch is the landscaping, by Lawrence Halperin; he left it completely au naturel.

This is at Stewart’s Point on Highway One.

2 Responses to Mendocino County Architecture

  1. Anon says:

    Love it. Love the architecture lines, also the shape and colours of the “wood”. Something wonderful about how it has aged/survived.

  2. Peter says:

    This style of architecture works just fine for farm buildings, even in a wet climate. The reason for this is that the wooden walls constantly get soaked but quickly dry out again because there is a flow of air through the building.

    Adopting this style for human habitation does not work, because humans do not like air flowing through their buildings, so go to great lengths to make them airtight. The result of this is that the walls get wet, stay wet and rot. Any sensible residential architecture for a wet climate features wide eaves that shelter the walls from the rain as far as possible and prevent them from getting wet. It also has features, such as rain screen, to ensure that any water that does get through has an opportunity to dry out.

    The narrow eaves of the Sea Ranch buildings are asking for water infiltration and rot problems. IMHO they are pretentious and ugly, too!

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