Steve's Vardo Project

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I found your blog whilst looking at images for vardos on Google where I was seeking ideas and inspiration for my project. I’m based in Wales in the UK.

I have always fancied building one and decided to do it as a retirement project. I was lucky enough to find the basic structure on eBay, it was originally constructed by a blacksmith as a travelling workshop.

It was an unfitted shell on a twin-axle trailer, I picked it up at the beginning of the month and am making progress towards fitting it out. Whilst I like the traditional look, I wanted something less fussy.

So far I have painted the interior, made and fitted a rear window; although this mounts on the hinges for the original steel shutters so these can be replaced for security if left parked up for any length of time, I am part-way through making a similar one for the door.

Traditionally the bed goes sideways across the rear, so I have followed this and constructed a simple bed which pulls out to double width or slides back to make more space; there is space for storage beneath.

I am not a fan of gas cylinders so cooking will be on a small wood-fired range which should be with me by the end of the week. The sink is being fitted inside an old sideboard which will be the main kitchen. The lighting will be 12v battery power with a solar charge system. Currently I’m part way through constructing a bookcase/drinks cabinet and fitting the sink, water and waste containers.

It’s still very much a work in progress and I attach a few photographs, I hope to have it useable within the next month and will send an update when it’s done.

–Regards, Steve

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