Ziggy and April's Timber Frame and Straw Bale Home in Missouri

…After ten days of the Straw Bale Workshop (and yet more punishing heat), we built the walls of our new home, installed all the windows and doors, and began the natural clay and lime plaster finishes on the walls.

Amazingly, we were able to live in the house by winter of that same year. Granted the house was not complete, but we had a dry, warm place to rest in before the next year’s work started. A year or so later the house was completed.

Building our straw bale house challenged us in many unexpected ways. Just as we had taken a bare piece of ground and utterly transformed it, the straw bale house itself changed us in ways we could never imagine…

One Response to Ziggy and April's Timber Frame and Straw Bale Home in Missouri

  1. bonnie hill says:

    This is fabulous. I’m happy to see a SQUARE house built of bales. i want an Adobe/mud house, but not a HOBBIT/Round hump of a house.
    WHAT/WHOSE workshop did you attend for ‘instruction’ for building the straw bale house? I attended MOTHER EARTH FAIR in Oregon, recently….UNCLE MUD (Chris McClellan…I’m 73 and want to start next summer. OK

    WHAT Workshop did you attend?_____________________
    Thank You, Bonnie Hill, Reno, NV

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