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Andrew Campbell's Gypsy Wagons


Hi there,

My name is Andrew Campbell. I live in Plain WA, and was staying in my new gypsy wagon in Port Townsend last week when I ran across a copy of your book Tiny Homes on the Move. Lo and behold on the cover was a picture of Steve and Katy’s bus. Steve works with me here in Plain in my wood shop. Anyway he said I ought to send you some pics of my gypsy wagons. The red one I built two years ago and the blue one I built for my oldest son to live in when he goes to college in a couple years. We will camp out in it in the meantime and use it for guests to stay in. Will send more pictures and info, if you are interested. I have no website. Just finished the blue one so no great pictures yet, but that can be arranged any time if you are interested in more.

Love your books, love what people are doing with small spaces. Started my woodworking career building boat interiors, so I love fitting out small spaces.

IMG_0885 IMG_0883 IMG_0882

IMG_0650 IMG_0649

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