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Beautiful Small Home in French Pyrenees

Beautiful Small Home in French Pyrenees

This is one of my favorite little homes; everything about it seems right. I especially like the way the roof changes angles at the bottom, which directs rain out away from the building; also the shingle pattern above the windows and door makes it look like the house has eyebrows.

It was built by Jeanne-Marie; she based the design on the old stone barns of the surrounding countryside, but used wood rather than stone. The photo is by jean soum (capitalized as written), and it’s featured in our book Home Work in an article entitled “Archlibre,” on countercultural builders in France.

3 Responses to Beautiful Small Home in French Pyrenees

  1. This one makes me smile! I love the cobalt blue trim, too…

  2. Amen! This is a house for LOVE and LIFE.

  3. LAURA says:

    I wished I could see it inside. Also, in the middle of the Alpes, where is the bathroom? How have the solved the water- electricity- haeting issues? I wished there was more info.

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