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Builders of Tiny Houses Say They're a Big Thing“Sean Spain is selling a house for $10,500, about the price of a used car with a sleepable back seat. Granted, the house is 100 square feet. But the home is a charming little rebuttal to America’s obsession with big living. The average home square footage in the U.S. continues to climb — 1,525 square feet in 1973 to 2,598 last year — while an underground trend toward “micro” living has emerged…”

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2 Responses to Builders of Tiny Houses Say They're a Big Thing

  1. kyle says:

    If you don’t have have children to worry about why not downsize? Its cheaper, better for the environment and people generally don’t need as much living space as they think they do.

  2. Peg_Leg_Pete says:

    i have always wondered, if you and your sig other, partook of taco night…. who sleeps where and or is it just an accept it/that’s life situation?

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