Tiny Nest Construction Videos

Tiny Nest - Jake & Kiva

Jake and Kiva have produced a YouTube series of construction videos documenting a tiny home build on Vancouver Island.  The videos follow their tiny house project, from early design to completion and beyond showing materials, tools, and construction techniques. A 3D Google Sketchup plan is also available as a free download.

Check out their videos below:

  Tiny Nest is a video series following our tiny house project, from early design, to completion and beyond. In this episode, we introduce ourselves and catch you up on what we've done so far.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and catch you up on what we’ve done so far.


In this episode, we talk about the trailer that we have acquired for the project, why we chose it, and the process we went through to get it.

Designing a tiny home

In this episode, we go over our design and how we came to it.


In this episode, we go over our Sketchup model in detail and describe how we intend to assemble our tiny house.


In this episode, we get set up and start the build!


In this episode, we put together the floor framing, attache the flashing, and set it into the trailer.


In this episode, we insulate the floor as well as secure it to the trailer.


In this episode, we lay down the vapour barrier and install the subfloor.


In this episode, we frame and raise the walls!


In this episode, we talk about and show examples of how we reinforced the basic wood frame of our tiny house.


In this episode, we go over a few miscellaneous things such as the vapour barrier, framing the roof, and installing the loft joists.


In this episode, we show how we completed the wall sheathing.


In this episode, we take the first steps to prepare our roof installation.


In this episode, we add some threaded rod to the structure to give it a little extra strength.


In this episode, we do a few things to prepare for our roofing, including sheathing the roof, installing house-wrap with bug screen, and installing the stained fascia.


In this episode, we show part of the installation of our metal roofing.


In this episode, we carry on with our roofing installation, showing the gable flashing and peak components in detail.


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