Eco-Friendly Two-Piece Tiny Home for Sale in WA

Two-piece Tiny Home

“Take a 1901 barn, a 1923 farmhouse, and a student who needs an architectural project and you get the opportunity to own a unique two-piece tiny house. Come up with $23,000 and a way to move the project from its home in Olympia and you support a student with ideas while also being green and eco. At 256 square feet, the price per square foot isn’t too bad, either. There must be a catch.

Some assembly required. The house is a student project, an incomplete student project. The most important parts are finished, or at least enough of the exterior has been completed to protect the building and the interior. As for the interior, the hardwood floor, bathroom sink, and “other bits” are in; but you may want to check on the kitchen, the rest of the bathroom, any cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, heating, etc. Details, details…”…

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