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Listen to Lloyd on Tangentially Speaking Podcast with Chris Ryan

We recently had Dr. Chris Ryan over to record an episode of Chris’ podcast Tangentially Speaking. Click the iTunes link below to hear Lloyd discuss his life, what got him into building, publishing books, and what’s up next for Shelter Publications.

Chris Ryan is an author, podcaster, world traveler, and an all-around amazing guy. Check out his bestselling book Sex at Dawn; look for his next book coming out next year called Civilized to Death.

One Response to Listen to Lloyd on Tangentially Speaking Podcast with Chris Ryan

  1. Patrick S. Doyle says:

    Great conversation, Chris and Lloyd! My copies of Shelter and Builders of the Pacific Coast happened to be facing me on my book rack as I sat down to listen to the podcast. Your work and wisdom, Lloyd, has been a huge inspiration for most of my life and continues to be. Thanks for guiding me and the thousands of others of us who share a love of using our hands, bodies and minds to create the worlds in which we want to live.
    By the way, I have a copy of Domebook 1 in very good condition- something to bring to the Antiques Roadshow when they come to town!

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