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Interior Photos of Greg Ryan's Gypsy Wagon

Here are a few more shots from Greg Ryan’s 84 sq. ft. gypsy wagon.

image2 2


image3 2



15 Responses to Interior Photos of Greg Ryan's Gypsy Wagon

  1. Anon says:

    Thank you. Love the attention to detail.

    A decent size sink, a burner, and actual counter space to work on. Wow. (in that tiny space). What is that to the left of the “kitchen”? it is hard to tell.

    Is it all wood interior? I like that idea.

  2. Greg Ryan says:

    To the left of the kitchen is a tiny bathroom. You can see the bathroom sink. There is also a portable toilet in there. The interior is mostly wood but you can see green (painted) fabric in between the ‘studs’.

  3. Anette says:

    What a gorgeous build! I’ve always loved gypsy wagons, but my one complaint was never to see a bathroom. You have nailed it! Your building skills, plus your musical talent takes it over the top. I will definitely be looking for your group on iTunes. Bravo!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello cousin how much are they going For

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello cousin this is Dawn I was wondering how much

  6. Hi Greg, I was wondering if you are planning on releasing (open sourcing) the plans for the wagon build or if you are going to sell the plans for this wagon?

  7. Hi Greg, I was wondering if you are planning on releasing (open sourcing) the plans for the wagon build or if you are going to sell the plans for this wagon? Sorry that message above was from when i was building a website for my niece. Crystalenamusic above.

  8. Janea Godby says:

    Beautiful inside and out. I fell in love with this and started planning my own (the trailer was just stripped and the new axle on today) what did you use for the exterior wood? Is it the same wood throughout? What did you feel was the hardest part of the build?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Janea,
      (Sorry for the late reply.)
      Thank you! The exterior wood is clear Douglas Fir. Trickiest part? Building road worthy windows was a challenge. The arched roof was tricky but worth it. Finding hardware for windows and doors that was the right size. I ended up making a lot of the hardware.
      Good luck on your wagon project!

  9. Kathy McClintock says:

    Is there anything between the bath & bed? Pull out table? Built in benches? Are there more pics available?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Kathy,
      No, nothing between the bath and bed. I think there should be and the owners do regret giving up so much real estate to the bed. This was a decision out of my control im afraid. If it was for me, id go smaller on the bed and/or go with a 14′ trailer instead of 12′ to allow for table/benches. The one i am building now doesnt have a bathroom in it. Everyone has different priorities i guess.
      More pics at my website

  10. Thomas Nelson says:

    Absolutely beautiful piece. I am jealous. I want one. Any way a guy could get a hold of the plans??

  11. A Gypsy wagon wouldn’t actually have a bathroom in it. Just a thought.

  12. Anonymous says:



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