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Our Next Book: Small Homes


Our book Tiny Homes has sold over 60,000 copies and with a recent surge of interest in the subject, is selling over 1,000 copies per month. We are getting a lot of inquiries from reporters and film makers about the subject; they want to contact people living in (or building) tiny homes.

I’ve taken to telling people I’m not the tiny homes guy, I’m the build-it-yourself guy, and that the important thing about the tiny home “movement” is not that all people should be living in tiny homes, but that the size of new homes should be getting smaller, rather than continuing to grow in size.

To wit: our next book will be Small Homes, and we’re starting to gather information. Size: 400-1200 sq. ft. or thereabouts (the maximum size in the Tiny Homes book was 500 sq. ft.). A small home is a lot more realistic for the majority of people than a tiny home.

We are asking people (you) to send us photos and details of small homes. Or leads to people living in or building small homes. In the near future we’ll do blog posts with this material, and down the line (1-2 years from now), we’ll publish the new book.

There will be a section on rescuing and refurbishing small homes in cities.

We’ll publish previews of all the homes here on The Shelter Blog as we go.

Send info to

The photo isn’t actually a small home, but rather a spacious garage that seems an ideal shape and size for a small home. The wide dormer gives you nice second story space.

7 Responses to Our Next Book: Small Homes

  1. patrick doyle says:

    I absolutely love how Shelter Publications continues to evolve!

  2. Can’t wait to read this one…I loved having our small cabin featured in the Tiny Homes/Simple Shelters (thank you, Lloyd!) but it would be difficult to live there, for us. It’s a wonderful getaway, and I LOVE the idea of smaller houses–not just new builds but making use of older homes that were not McMansions.

    Re-use, restoring, etc., is so important–we’ve rescued a couple of old Victorians. And come to think of it, our home is about 1100 square feet. Just right…

  3. Leigh says:

    My husband and i purchased the last of the i Houses that were built. It is under 1000 sq ft. hs a wonderful lay- out, A built in water catchment system, 2×6 construction, low voc paint etc. We put in a 4500w solar power system and are completely off the grid. We also purchased the “Flex” which we use as our studio. The Flex is a little stand alone building that was offered with the iHouse. Our Flex has a deck on top from which we can see 20 miles or more. I hope you are including iHouses in your book.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea of doing a book on refurbishing older, existing homes. Although our current home would not fall under the “small home” criteria, my husband and I started out in our early 20’s by purchasing a 1000sf home built in the 60’s in need of TLC. We had 3 babies and started a business in that home, then sold it at a profit. We did the same (minus more babies) with a slightly larger home. Again, we updated a few thing like paint colors, ripped out the carpet and stained the concrete slab, etc. and sold at a profit. We were able to roll those profits into a good sized down payment on a country home with a nice acreage in a great area. Once again, we painted, ripped up shag carpet in favor of stained concrete etc. and ended up with a gorgeous home nestled in the woods for less than half the price of comparable homes in our area. When I tell people what our monthly mortgage is each month, they can’t believe it. Building your own isn’t for everyone, but most anyone can buy a structurally sound, albeit cosmetically challenged, home to refurbish. Living below the means of most families we know has allowed us to ride out the ups and downs of owning a business, travel, homeschool our kids, give generously, and live without any other debt beyond a small mortgage.

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    Excellent news: with 4 kids a Tiny house would be a little er… crowded, but a small house seems a logical idea. Looking forward to seeing what it shows.

  6. Lynda durrett says:

    My husband and I have purchased a 14 X 40 storage building with two small 4 ft lofts at each end. While he works I and my son are converting to a small home. We hope to sell our 2000 Sq foot home and live mortgage free and entirely off grid. We have all electrical, plumbing, insulation and drywall finished. The bedroom is finished and the bath nearly done. I have found great deals at the Habitat Restore and the entire fill bath which is very nice cost a whopping 546.00 total. The bedroom is beautiful and we created another loft over bath. We will have more storage in our new home nearly doubled. By the time the entire home is completed with deck our expenses for the building and the materials will be just about 15,000.00.

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