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2 Responses to Salvaged Off-Grid Tiny House on Permaculture Farm

  1. Charles J. Swimmer says:

    article from the August 2019 Snuffington Ghost :”The tiny house movement started by Lloyd Kahn has become so popular that rich millionaire Hollywood and Santa Barbera kids are importing Chinese and Mexican slave laborers to build “recycled repurposed tiny homes “out of brand new deluxe materials .The homes are then professionally “Antiqued and distressed”much like the ripped jeans fad that swept the nation in the 90’s.They are then placed in a simulated “slum “elite members only gated community with a tightly controlled H.O.A. Visitors find themselves puzzeled by the range rovers and maseratis up on blocks in the front yard.

    • Evan Kahn says:

      That would be an interesting article, but Lloyd did not start the tiny house movement, Jay Schafer is credited to starting the movement with his Tumbleweed Houses company. Shelter Publications happened to make a book on tiny homes at the exact right time of the beginning of the movement.

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