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Small Home in San Francisco


I’ve often found that homes that appear quite simple on the outside are lovely inside. Also that in my experience, men tend to think of how a building looks on the exterior, whereas women tend to judge a home by the interior space and the life that can be lived within. That’s an observation from decades of observing both men and women and their ideas of what makes for a desirable home.

4 Responses to Small Home in San Francisco

  1. Having lived in SF, visiting often and having friends who currently live there…that small house likely cost $1.25 million US. or more.

  2. John Cavanagh says:

    So where are the interior shots?

  3. KB says:

    Being a woman I would have to say you “just don’t get us” and you certainly under estimate who we are and what we are thinking about. Of course the outside of the house is just as important to us as the inside. Its simply that the inside requires considerably more time and effort to furnish or refurbish as the case may be. Not only that but being the primary domestic engineers we have to function around any design flaws for space planning. A house is our workshop, its our place of constant business where hundreds of tasks have to be performed daily. So yes the interior is absolutely going to need our close focus and attention, even more so than the exterior and that is because of all the tasks that have to take place inside of the structure. We don’t buy our house just for it looks, we can’t afford to adopt that attitude.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm…so what your saying fits Lloyds generalization right?

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