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SunRay Kelley's Solar Electric Diesel Hybrid RV and Reclining Electric Bike

SunRay Kelley

SunRay Kelley continues to invent, design, and build a plethora of buildings and vehicles. I asked SunRay and Bonnie to send us the latest, and here are videos of his campers and electric reclining bike. I don’t know of any vehicle that combines diesel, solar, and electric power like the RV shown at the right.

SunRay was featured in our books Builders of the Pacific Coast and Tiny Homes.

6 Responses to SunRay Kelley's Solar Electric Diesel Hybrid RV and Reclining Electric Bike

  1. MJ says:

    I’d trade my Toyota Escaper mini motorhome for either one of those without blinking once!

  2. Anonymous says:

    love the guitar instrumental in the three sisters video. Can anyone tell me who it is?

  3. We are always excited to see what SunRay Kelly comes up with next. Hope to visit his land in the near future to get some ideas for creating magical homesteads. Thanks Lloyd for continuing to publish such relevant images and stories about creative building in harmony with the planet.

  4. Robert Bystrom says:

    I love seeing your collection, brudda.

  5. Christopher says:

    SunRay and his friends are amazing!

  6. Christopher says:

    Do you ever build root cellars? I live in the south and they come in really handy for many diff things.

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