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Abandoned House Near Sequim, Washington


Abandoned house located near Sequim, Washington. Similar houses are often found in rural areas and small communities with high unemployment. An abandoned house like this would require a large investment of time and energy, but might possibly be an option for someone with limited resources.

10 Responses to Abandoned House Near Sequim, Washington

  1. the roof seems sound, the roof beam straght..

  2. ancientplanter says:

    There’s a modern house within a few feet of this place; a “no trespassing” sign is on the front door (photoshopped out of this photo perhaps?) and usually a car on the left side as you face the place. I’ve never seen a “for sale” sign here. I believe it’s an old, known, historic farm building.

    • Ray Humphreys says:

      Hi, I was wondering if you could share the location on this amazing home. I am an amateur photographer that loves to document old and abandoned buildings. I would love to add this to my collection.

  3. It’s in the NW Sequim/Carlsborg area. If memory serves, on Old Olympic Highway East of Heath Road. I think the charm of the house is it’s of such simple design, almost like a mid-18th century saltbox back east, and then it’s gracefully arrested decay. It’s roughly a hundred years old.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This house brings back a lot of memories. My great Uncle and Aunt were the last “living” occupants of this residence and had lived here for many years. We would visit from time to time over the years, the last time for me being around 1980. They both passed away sometime in the 80’s. I say “living” because of a few experiences I had there that defy any logical explanation. I do not wish to elaborate on those experiences and will say this. When you see a place like this please remember that this is more than just an old house. It was (is) a home and just because no one lives there any longer does not mean what made it a home no longer exists as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just visited this house myself today wanted to look it up to see if anybody knows the history of it, took some pictures and got some strange results

  6. Jim says:

    I would like to see other pictures of this house if anyone would be kind enough to send them. I like the scale. I would like to build someday and this is great example of a simple farm house. Would be great to see the other sides.

  7. aj says:

    Can someone send location of this home?

  8. Darla Clegg says:

    7503 Old Olympic Hwy. Sequim, WA

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