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Bobby's Mobile Art Cart

Rolling art studio

Bobby Heffelfinger created this rolling art studio in West Marin county, California, on a 2013 Ford F-350 truck with mostly recycled materials (left over from various building projects). He started with the truck chassis and built a flatbed with 2 × 2 steel square stock.

It’s immaculately built. It’s framed with 2 × 2 fir studs. Siding is 1 × 4 tongue-and-groove cedar. Curved rafters were cut out of fir 2 × 12’s. Roof sheathing is 1 × 6 redwood tongue-and-groove.

It’s 8 feet wide by 14 feet long. Inside, it’s 7 feet to the top of the arch. The roof is 18-gauge copper with standing seams. Windows were built out of redwood from an old water tank.

Bobby said the most challenging thing was to seal the camper to the cab; he finally found a rubber grommet that did the job.

It’s got a GPS and a backup camera that transmits the rear image to the rearview mirror.

It’s used by a painter who travels around to different sites and paints from inside, looking out at the countryside.

Rolling art studio


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