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Casual Turtle Campers

Casual Turtle Camper

Peter Pavlowich’s company, Casual Turtle Campers, was featured in our book Tiny Homes on the Move. Peter recently wrote to us with his newest creation:

Lloyd, Lew, and folks,

Thought I might pass along a couple photos of a recent build. It’s a simple little non-cabover design for a second generation Toyota Tacoma. Of the four basic designs that I build, this one is probably my favorite — dead simple, you get a huge bed area, and there’s lots of room for storage underneath. The forward section of the bed platform is fixed, and the rear portion is removable. Five windows, excellent thru-visibility, and some really nice roof lines — I’m quite happy with this one, and the gentleman who ordered it seems to be, too. Thanks for having a look — more photos and info at

1-DSCN0049 1 1-DSCN0045 1 1-DSCN0044 1

This is the most recent Half Shell — and its a seriously cool little Turtle.  It features a huge sleeping area, loads of room for storage underneath, and a irresistible little person door — this design is dead-easy to own and use, as well as easy on the eyes.  Minimalist in some ways, luxurious in others — a great option for those looking for a comfortable, secure cabin without affecting the driving experience as much as a full-size truck camper.

1-DSCN0056 1 1-DSCN0057 1 1-DSCN0055 1


7 Responses to Casual Turtle Campers

  1. Why isn’t the bottom wider to fit the truck bed?

  2. Dorothy says:

    Where do you keep the steps that allow you to get in and out?
    And it does seem like it could be wider to fit the truck bed better. More inside space is always good but I guess it adds some outside storage this way.

  3. Would love to see one “furnished” so I can envision living in it.

  4. David says:

    Do I see a larger camper in the pic?

  5. Very nice!
    Looks comfy!

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