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Driftwood Beach Shack

Driftwood beach shack from 64-page book I’m just finishing laying out: Driftwood Shacks Photo by Lloyd Kahn

4 Responses to Driftwood Beach Shack

  1. Alethea Patton says:

    There is a nice driftwood shack I just discovered at Bowling Ball beach (Schooner Gulch) just south of Point Arena.
    Really looking forward to this book!

  2. Margy says:

    Someone has put together a driftwood shack on nearby Sandy Beach on Powell Lake. Unlike a beach shack, it will disappear when the lake level rises over the winter and through the spring thaw. They the logs will be released to float to another shore and maybe some other enterprising individual will put together a summer driftwood shack. – Margy

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