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SunRay Kelley's Newest Sauna Stove

Sunray Kelley's Sauna

This is SunRay’s newest down-drafting sauna with a stove built from salvaged materials. The fire box is a 20″-diameter stainless steel piece from an industrial heating system. The heat riser is housed inside an old propane tank.

Flue gases spiral and rise until they hit the top of the tank and then are forced down between the heat riser and the tank until they are vented out the spiral chimney made of flexible stainless steel ducting.

This is the second stove SunRay has built that is designed to augment the spinning and spiraling of the flue gases to achieve extremely hot and clean-burning fires.

The singing bowl on the top of the sauna is the drop from cutting off the end of the propane tank. We have found that toning and chanting in the sauna helps you drop into a nice meditative space and exhale the heat building up in your body.

Blessings from SunRay and the Homestead Family

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