The Terrapin Trailer

terrapin trailer

Peter Pavlowich’s Casual Turtle Campers were featured in Tiny Homes on the Move (pp. 26–27).

Shelter guys,

Hey I thought I’d pass along a few shots of the another recent build. This one was for a gentleman here in Colorado — the model I call the Terrapin. We went with a pretty full interior arrangement on this one. He opted for no painted surfaces (which I usually do), so we incorporated several different species on the cabin’s interior — oak, birch, cedar, and beetle-killed ponderosa pine — so it wasn’t a one-tone wood overload. It weighed in at 1,300 lbs, max headroom around 5′9″, and it goes down the highway just great.

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Anyway, feel free to share with your readers if you’d like. And there are more photos up on the site: And as always, folks are welcome to email me and thoughts/ideas/questions directly at Thanks guys — hope things are good in Bolinas. And I wanted to pass along a link to a little video spot a gentleman here in Fort Collins just put together while I was finishing up that build. Perhaps you’d like to include it on the blog. Here’s the link.


–Peter Pavlowich

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