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Young Woman Escapes Crazy Rent with a Tiny House

Increasing rent princes in many cities are encouraging young adults to search for housing alternatives. For Jackie Kemp of Denver, Colorado that alternative came in the form of a tiny house on wheels. Now 23 years old, the budding entrepreneur who lives in the tiny house together with her tiny hound (a chihuahua named Darla) is already well on her way to debt-free home ownership.

Jackie’s tiny home fits in perfectly to it’s country surroundings. It’s situated on a large, rural property where she also keeps her horses. The home allows her to be in an ideal position where she can be around her animals, yet also is in close commuting distance to work…

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  1. Ron Pickle says:

    This is really fabulous, a big life in tiny house and its really beautiful, she has got every thing packed in and that too in such a beautiful surrounding. I just want to know, does she have to pay a hefty rent to the property owner, where she parked her tiny home and two horses?

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