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Scotland Shelter Exhibition


There is a festival of architecture in Scotland now, sponsored by the Fife Contemporary Arts Center. It’s called “Shelters,” and features an entire room exhibiting our work, with photo and page blowups, and our building books on tables (above). It’s open now at the Kircaldy Galleries (Kircaldy is about 12 miles north of Edinburgh, on the east coast of Scotland) and runs through June 5, 2016.

I’ll be doing a slide show presentation on May 10th, at Kircaldy Galleries, titled “50 Years of Natural Building,” chronicling our building books from Shelter in 1973 up to the present.

3 Responses to Scotland Shelter Exhibition

  1. Anon says:

    Congratulations Lloyd. Glad to see you getting the recognition. Be sure to take a big stack of your books, might be demand for them..

    Still waiting for big lottery win. If I do win (grin), will nip over and meet up. Ah well, I have a ticket, that is the first step.

    How long will you be there? Sounds lovely.

    Have fun.

  2. philhill1 says:

    Glad to see you come over this side of the pond. How long are you over here, and what other ares are you visiting.

  3. Margy Lutz says:

    Getting caught up on some old posts and what did I find, a picture of our float cabin home on Powell Lake, BC, right there on the wall. I’ll probably never make it to Scotland in real life, but my home did. Thanks for including us. – Margy

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