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Architecture (80)

Round Roof Barn


Round roof barn in Willamette Valley, Oregon

There are buildings that have — for lack of a better word — a sweetness to them. Like a small abandoned cottage in an English field I once found, slowly disintegrating back into the soil from which all its materials came. Inside, I could feel the lives that had been lived there. Or the buildings of master carpenter Lloyd House. It happens most frequently in barns, where practicality and experience create form with function. No architects needed, thank you.
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Throwback Thursday from the Shelter Archives


Martin Bartlett’s pod home at Pacific High School in the Santa Cruz mountains, Calif., 1968.

This method of construction, developed by Bob McElroy in Big Sur, Calif., consisted of trimming ¼″ sheets of plywood at the top, bending them over, and attaching to each other with batts; shingles on exterior, circular plexiglas skylight at top.

Photos by Lloyd Kahn

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Geodesic Dome is Connecticut's Best Tiny House


Home decor magazine, House Beautiful, recently made its picks for the best tiny home in each state and one unique home in the woods of Bethlehem got top honor here in Connecticut.

This unique home in Bethlehem listed as an “earth house” is perfect for Eco-concious guests. The one-bedroom house available for $49 a night or $250 a week was “built from wood growing 10 feet away.”

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We're Up on Tumblr!

The first part of the complete reorganization of our “social media” is now up and running: To start, we’ve posted 10 photos from our building books. This was set up by Sean Hellfritsch. Tumblr will be our photography platform.

We have over 7,000 photos in our 6 building books, and I have something like 15,000 photos (film and digital) dating back to the ’60s, maybe a third of them on building(s).

We are currently working on redesign of my blog, The Shelter Blog (this blog), Twitter and Facebook pages, Shelter’s website, and getting Instagram rolling.

With all this going on, I’m not posting very often these days, but I intend to get rolling with Instagram soon, and coordinate my Instagram photos with this blog.

Stay tuned.


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American Prefabs Imported to UK in 1940s


At the end of tiny road, after another one of those roundabouts, lays a spectacular garden, then an abandoned castle, then a huge German bunker, then the Orangerie and finally, what I am really impatient to visit: the Mémoire de Soye two “baraques,” the French one — the 534-10 — and the American one — the famous UK100 we also had in the UK (about 8,000 were imported from America in 1946). I am amazed by all the work Mémoire de Soye has put in the dismantling of the prefabs, their re-assembling on a land which used to count 286 of them till 1991 when the last ones were pulled down! Then they transformed the two prefabs into wonderful cosy and cute museums, trying hard and succeeding in finding the right pieces of furniture, the memorabilia etc…

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Fort Ross, Recreated Russian Fort on NorCal Coast


Last week Yogan and I spent an hour exploring the Fort Ross State Historic Park, a masterful re-creation of the Russian fort built on the Northern California coast in 1812. The Russians brought down Native Alaskan hunters who speared sea otters from seal skin kayaks. Most of the hunters came from the Kodiak Islands and their kayaks, spears, and hunting techniques were extraordinary (more on this later).

If you are ever driving up the Northern California coast, I highly recommend going to this site.

Here is the chapel (star of the show), metal shop, and wood shop. Roofing on these buildings consisted of 2 layers of long planks, laid with the cracks in the top layer over the centers of the under layer.

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