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The Shelter Publications Blog Lives!

Actually, it never really died—it was just dormant for a season or two as we shifted energy elsewhere! If you’re new here, you should give Lloyd’s blog and his Instagram account a follow.

If you’re still with us, it means you recognize the importance of innovative problem-solving and sustainable living.

Lloyd Kahn revolutionized how people think about homes and buildings, starting with Shelter and then Shelter II. Both books were born of the same ethos and printing presses as the Whole Earth Catalog (that’s why those two Shelter books are so big!). And Lloyd hasn’t stopped spreading his love and appreciation for new building techniques and the new designers who adopt them. He just has some new help here on the official Shelter Publications blog.

Shelter books with the Whole Earth Catalog and Lloyd Kahn's picture with AdventureKEEN's logo

His books continue to celebrate the rough edges, the imperfections, and the beauty of the stories behind the designs. They are simultaneously art books, practical how-to guides, and philosophical treatises all rolled into one.

The keys to the long-lasting relevance of Shelter Publications are Lloyd’s personal touch and heart, which he pours into every project. So while Shelter Publications will have a few new voices, Lloyd’s work won’t change. 

Since it has been a while since this blog was updated, here are a few highlights about Lloyd Kahn and his work:

We hope you’ll stick around as we dust off a few things and breathe life back into this blog. We are excited to show you what gets built next!

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